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To Each One's Taste - a logic problem
by Shelly Hazard

One Saturday afternoon, four boys visited the local 5 and 10 store to buy candy. Each boy bought just his favorite candy and they all had a different favorite. They each spent under one dollar and they each bought a different amount of their favorite candy. Can you determine each boy's full name, the type and quantity of candy each boy purchased, and how much each boy spent?

  1. Peter, whose last name isn't Smythe, bought one piece less than the boy who bought the Tootsie Rolls but he spent 15 cents more.
  2. Adam, who spent 35 cents, spent the least. The boy who bought the lollipops spent the most.
  3. Tom Wilson, who spent 10 cents more than John, spent 60 cents.
  4. The amount spent by each boy, from the least to the most, was the boy who bought the peppermints, the boy whose last name is Smythe, the boy who bought the Tootsie Rolls, and the boy whose last name is Brown.
  5. Peter's last name isn't Parker.
  6. The boy who bought ten gum drops, whose last name isn't Parker, bought the largest quantity. The boy who spent the most bought the smallest quantity.
  7. The boy who got seven peppermints had two more pieces than the boy who got the lollipops.

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