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From My Mailbox

I've added this page because I've received such an interesting collection of tidbits over the years. Some made their way to me through humor messages from friends and family, others have been sent to me by our readers. There's a little bit of everything here - trivia, puzzles, intelligence tests, and even some just plain good humor. Enjoy!

To contribute to this page, send me an email with your submission and the submission's origin (if you know it).

NOTE: I've given credit when I can. Most of these items come to my mailbox with no credits associated with them. If you have information on the origins of any of these items that you want me to add, feel free to email me with the information.

Logic Puzzle: Liars in England   

Logic Puzzle: Final Exam   

Logic Puzzle: Psychic Readings   

Trivia: US Standard Railroad Gauge

Quiz: How Smart Are You?

Quiz: The Idiot Test

Logic Puzzle: Three Daughters

Riddle: Gry Puzzle

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