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Logic Puzzle Archives

   Monthly Interactive Logic Problems - Round 2!     

We've partnered with to bring you BRAND NEW interactive monthly logic problems! Now you can solve our puzzles anywhere - computer, phone, or tablet!
To try our NEW monthly logic problems, click here....and happy puzzling!

Our FIRST monthly interactive logic puzzle project!

For 10+ years, we partnered with to bring you logic problems you can solve online every month. This project ended in 2013, but the puzzle archive is still available for your enjoyment!
Click here to try some of the puzzles in this awesome collection! (Note: These puzzles use Flash so they may not be compatable with tablets or smart phones).

Traditional Pen and Paper Logic Problems
The rest of the logic puzzles listed here are all traditional logic problems, which will need to be printed before solving. Most do include a puzzle grid.

Occasionally, my readers have asked me for blank grids, for doing other logic puzzles. So I decided to post some blank grids for your use. These grids are available in Microsoft Excel and PDF file formats. To download, right click on the link, select "Save Target As", and select the location on your hard drive that you'd like the files.
  • blank5x4.xls
  • blank5x5.xls
  • blank5x4.pdf
  • blank5x5.pdf
  • blank6x4.xls
  • blank6x5.xls
  • blank6x4.pdf
  • blank6x5.pdf
  • Tips on Solving Logic Problems
    Logic puzzles are one of the most popular forms of pencil puzzles. All the information you need to solve the problem is given in the puzzle itself. The grid that often accompanies logic problems can be used to help solve the puzzle. Print out this article and follow along using the blank puzzle grid as we solve the puzzle to learn how to use the grids to your advantage.

    Feeding Time
    Zookeeper George was in charge of feeding all of the animals in the morning. He had a regular schedule that he followed every day. Can you figure it out from the clues?

    Frozen Cabbage Band
    by Mark Stratton
    Five friends pooled their resources one day and pieced a CD together from songs they had written...Determine the full name of each band member, the instrument each played, the brand of equipment each used, plus each member's favorite magazine.

    All Manner of Trees
    Sally and three of her friends decided to plant a new tree in their yard to celebrate Arbor Day...Determine the full names of each friend, what kind of tree each bought, where in the yard it was planted, and on what day of the week each tree was planted.

    Dude Ranch Blues
    Jake Bennett, owner of the Circle K dude ranch, had a problem. He had five guests coming next week who all wanted to ride. Unfortunately, he only had four horses available...Determine the full name of each guest, on which days each guest rode, and on which horses.

    Afterschool Activities
    by Margie Walsh and Ann Beardsley
    Five parents pick-up their children at the Parkway Elementary School every Tuesday to bring the kids to their afterschool activity...Determine each child's full name, the first name of the parent picking them up, the time each was picked up, and the activity each child is being brought to.

    Monkey Business
    Mrs. Robinson's 4th grade class took a field trip to the local zoo...Can you determine the name of each monkey, what kind of fruit each monkey ate, and where their favorite resting place was?

    Farmyard Pandemonium
    Jake Farmer woke up one morning to pandemonium in his barnyard. The gate had been left open and the animals had wandered out during the night. Can you determine how many animals got out, what kind of mischief they got into, and how long it took him.

    What did you order?
    Five bachelors who all lived in the same apartment building each ordered an item from the same catalog. Unfortunately, the shippers got confused and each item was delivered to the wrong apartment.

    A Day at the Zoo
    Five mothers bring their children to the zoo. Can you determine the full name of each child, their favorite snack and animal, and the souvenir each brought home?

    Have you lost your child?
    Amusement parks can be lots of fun, as five families discovered. Though each child got lost at some point during the day, all had a grand time. Can you discover everyone's name, the ages of the children, and the location of each lost child?

    To Each One's Taste
    One Saturday afternoon, four boys visited the local 5 and 10 store to buy candy. Each boy bought just his favorite candy and spent under one dollar. Can you determine what each boy bought and how much each spent?

    Vacation Tales
    For vacation, five couples enjoyed a cruise trip together. Can you determine the name of each couple, what they did, and what souvenir they brought back?

    A Meeting of Friends
    Five friends meet in Milwaukee for a convention can you determine each friends' name, their careers, and their home city?

    Shelly's puzzles are on Kindle!

    Grid Detective is a free Kindle game featuring 30 brand new logic puzzles made by Shelly Hazard!

    Produced by Amazon Digital Services, the game is setup much like our own interactive puzzles but also includes additional features, such as hints and error checking. The puzzles are broken into three categories - easy, intermediate, and hard. The interface is very good and allows you to easily navigate to any puzzle. You can even leave a puzzle partially finished, start a new one, and return to your place on the previous one.


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