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Solution to "To Each One's Taste - a logic problem"

  • Adam Parker, peppermints, 7 pieces, 35 cents
  • John Smythe, gum drops, 10 pieces, 50 cents
  • Peter Brown, lollipops, 5 pieces, 75 cents
  • Tom Wilson, Tootsie Rolls, 6 pieces, 60 cents
Tom Wilson spent 60 cents (3), John spent 50 cents (3), and Adam spent 35 cents, which was the least amount spent (2). Peter's last name isn't Smythe (1) and isn't Parker (5), so by elimination Peter's last name is Brown. From Clue 4, Tom spent the most and so he bought lollipops (2) and he bought the smallest quantity (6). Also from Clue 4, Adam bought peppermints, John's last name is Smythe, and Tom bought Tootsie Rolls. Adam bought seven peppermints and Peter bought five lollipops (7). By elimination, John bought gumdrops and Adam's last name is Parker. John bought ten gumdrops (6). From Clue 1, Tom got six Tootsie Rolls and Peter spent 75 cents.

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