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Have you been bitten by the Sudoku challenge? Then check out our list of recommended Sudoku books!

The Pocket Book of Frame Games
The Pocket Book of Frame Games

by Terry Stickels
"I'm delighted to offer fans of my FRAME GAMES puzzles a book-length collection," says Stickels. "The puzzles have proved immensely popular and a great source of fun for all ages."
Frame Games are clever word puzzles contained within small picture frames; each puzzle represents a common word or phrase.

The New Puzzle Classics (Mensa): Ingenious Twists on Timeless Favorites
The New Puzzle Classics (Mensa): Ingenious Twists on Timeless Favorites

by Serhiy Grabarchuk
Here's an original collection of more than 200 brainteasters - a truly mixed bag of visual, geometric, word play, number puzzles, and even some with matchsticks and coins. Difficulty level varies, but many of them are at the World Puzzle championship level (really, really hard!). This book is bound to give you many hours of pleasure as you puzzle your way through it's bountiful pages!

Will Shortz's Best Brain Busters
Will Shortz's Best Brain Busters

by Will Shortz
In my opinion, any of Will Shortz's books are excellent - this one is no exception. Many of the puzzles are visual and there's a nice mix of puzzle varieties.

MENSA Math & Logic Puzzles
MENSA Math & Logic Puzzles

by Dave Tuller and Michael Rios
The puzzles in this book will need a combination of visual and logical thinking skills to solve. All are variations of grid puzzles where you're given certain information and you have to fill-in the grid based on that information. It's a challenging puzzle type and really flexes the logical thinking muscles. An example of the types of puzzles you'll find is the Minesweeper computer game, for which there's a pencil puzzle variation within this book.

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