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A Meeting of Friends - a logic problem
by Shelly Hazard

Five friends from across the United States planned to meet at a convention in Milwaukee. Each friend came from a different city and each was employed in a different profession. Use the clues to determine the full name of each friend, their home city, and each one's profession.

  1. The doctor and Mr. Cross both arrived a day early.
  2. By coincidence, the secretary from San Diego and the doctor, Ms. Forest, arrived at the hotel together.
  3. The lawyer arrived late. He was delayed by a case and had to catch a later flight from Baltimore.
  4. Jane, Mr. Smith, Mark, the mechanic, and the friend from Chicago all planned to spend the weekend after the convention together. Then on Monday, Ms. Trent and Tom would leave to return to work. Dan, the teacher, and Cindy would leave on Tuesday.
  5. Dan Richards does not live in Baltimore. Cindy does not live in St. Louis.
  6. Ms. Trent laughed when asked if she was a teacher. "No, he's from Atlanta," she said. "I'm from San Diego."

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