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Solution to "A Meeting of Friends - a logic problem"

  • Cindy Forest, doctor, Chicago
  • Dan Richards, mechanic, St. Louis
  • Jane Trent, secretary, San Diego
  • Mark Cross, teacher, Atlanta
  • Tom Smith, lawyer, Baltimore

Explanation: There are only two women in the group. Since Cindy leaves Tuesday, Jane must be Ms. Trent (4). Jane lives in San Diego (6) and is a secretary (2). Therefore, by elimination, Cindy is Ms. Forest and she is a doctor (2). Dan's last name is Richards (5). Since Tom leaves on Monday and Dan leaves on Tuesday, the teacher must be Mark (4) and he lives in Atlanta (6). Dan doesn't live in Baltimore (5) so Tom must be the lawyer from Baltimore (3). Cindy doesn't live in St. Louis (5) so by elimination Dan lives in St. Louis and Cindy lives in Chicago. Mr. Smith must be Tom (4) so by elimination Mark is Mr. Cross.

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