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Monkey Business ~ a logic problem
by Shelly Hazard

Mrs. Robinson's 4th grade class took a field trip to the local zoo. The day was sunny and warm - a perfect day to spend at the zoo. The kids had a great time and the monkeys were voted the class favorite animal. The zoo had four monkeys - two males and two females. It was lunchtime for the monkeys and as the kids watched, each one ate a different fruit in their favorite resting place. Can you determine the name of each monkey, what kind of fruit each monkey ate, and where their favorite resting place was?

  1. Sam, who doesn't like bananas, likes sitting on the grass.
  2. The monkey who sat on the rock ate the apple. The monkey who ate the pear didn't sit on the tree branch.
  3. Anna sat by the stream but she didn't eat the pear.
  4. Harriet didn't sit on the tree branch. Mike doesn't like oranges.

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