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All Manner of Trees - a logic problem
by Shelly Hazard

Sally and three of her friends decided to plant a new tree in their yard to celebrate Arbor Day. The new trees would each be put in a different area of their yards. As it happened each friend bought a different kind of tree and planted the new tree on a different day of the week. From the clues below, determine the full names of each friend, what kind of tree each bought, where in the yard it was planted, and on what day of the week each tree was planted.

  1. Wanda, whose last name wasnít Frost, didnít plant her spruce tree by the patio.
  2. Tracy planted her tree before Mrs. Dart but after the woman who planted the ash tree.
  3. Mrs. Best, whose first name wasnít Sally, planted her tree in the front yard, but not on Friday.
  4. Rhonda didnít plant her tree on Monday.
  5. Mrs. Grand planted her tree before the woman who planted her tree in the back yard. Rhonda didnít plant the cherry tree.
  6. The trees were planted, in chronological order, as follows: Mrs. Frost, in the garden, Wanda, the maple tree.

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