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Afterschool Activities - a logic problem
by Margie Walsh and Ann Beardsley

Five parents pick-up their children at the Parkway Elementary School every Tuesday to bring the kids to their afterschool activity. Colleen and the four other children all attended a different afterschool activity and their parents always arrive at different times (between 3:00 pm and 3:30 pm). Determine each child's full name, the first name of the parent picking them up (all the parents' last names are the same as their child's), the time each was picked up, and the activity each child is being brought to.

  1. Margie's best friend's mother, Mrs. Dobson, arrived before Cathy came to pick up her son. Mrs. Walsh picked up her daughter for fencing.
  2. Josh Steinway loved football as much as Donno liked chess, and they both liked being the last two to be picked up.
  3. David Holden picked up his daughter for her hiking as soon as he could, but Lynne was always there before he was.
  4. Margie liked being the first one picked up but she didn't take ballet or hiking.
  5. Lynne's daughter was not Margie.
  6. In order of their departure from school: Ann, the girl who took ballet, Mary Holden, the boy who took football, and Capri Johnson.

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