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Solution to "Farmyard Pandemonium - a logic problem"

5 horses, running loose on the neighbor’s lawn, 15 minutes
4 sheep, eating in the hay field, 10 minutes
6 goats, eating the vegetable garden, 10 minutes
12 chickens, scattered around the yard, 20 minutes
2 cows, eating grain in the feed room, 5 minutes

There were 12 chickens, 6 goats, and four sheep. Since there were 2 of one type and 5 of another type, the chickens were the largest number of animals and so took 20 minutes to catch. The type Jake had 2 of were found in the grain room and took 5 minutes to catch. The goats took 10 minutes to catch, as did the sheep in the hayfield. It took 15 minutes to catch the horses and so by elimination, 5 minutes to catch the cows. Also by elimination, there were 5 horses. The animals on the neighbor’s lawn were not the goats. So by elimination, the horses were running on the neighbor’s lawn and the goats were eating the vegetable garden.

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