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Solution to "How Observant ARE you?"

  1. Bottom
  2. 50 (I HOPE you at least got this one!)
  3. Right
  4. Blue, red, white, yellow, black, and gold
  5. Q, Z
  6. 1, 0
  7. Right
  8. 20
  9. Red
  10. 88
  11. Counter (unless you happen to be south of the equator)
  12. Towards bottom right
  13. 12 (no #1)
  14. Left
  15. Top
  16. Clockwise as you look at it
  17. Roosevelt
  18. 8
  19. Left
  20. 5
  21. 6
  22. Bashful
  23. 8
  24. Did you notice there wasn't one?
  25. Ace of spades
  26. Left
  27. ONE
  28. *, #
  29. 3
  30. Counter

25 or more correct: Master Observer - WOW!
19-24 correct: First-Class Observer - all right, you're GOOD!
18 correct: Normal Observer - sorry, you're just average!
12-17 correct: Aspiring Observer - keep observing, you'll make it!
6-11 correct: Dreamer - occasionally you remember to look at 'the real world'
5 or less correct: You do know there's a world around you right?

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