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Solution to "Vacation Tales - a logic problem"

  • Bob and Judy Gallop, sight seeing, carved wood dolphin
  • Ed and Sarah Peel, scuba diving, model ship
  • Jake and Tracy Bremmer, golfing, shirts
  • Mike and Cindy Horner, hiking, postcards
  • Peter and Jane Elmwood, surfing, homemade candies

Explanation: Bob and Judy (1) Gallop (2) went sight seeing (2) and bought the carved wooden dolphin (5). Jake Bremmer (6) went golfing (2) and bought shirts (6). Peter went surfing (2). Ed didn't go hiking (4) so by elimination Ed went scuba diving and Mike went hiking. Mike bought postcards (6). Ed didn't buy the homemade candies (1) so by elimination Peter bought the homemade candies and Ed bought the model ship. Therefore, Ed is married to Sarah (5). From clue 3 and elimination, Cindy is married to Mike and Peel is the last name of Ed and Sarah. Mike's last name is not Elmwood (6) so by elimination Mike's last name is Horner and Peter's is Elmwood. Peter isn't married to Tracy (2) so by elimination Peter is married to Jane and Jake is married to Tracy.

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