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Have you lost your child? - a logic problem
by Shelly Hazard

One day, five couples and their children (each couple had only one child) spent the day at an amusement park. They all enjoyed the day tremendously despite the fact that each child managed to get lost at some point during the day. Using the clues and the grids below, determine the full name of each couple, the name and age of each couple's child, and where each lost child was found.

  1. George, whose last name isn't Smith, is a good friend of Bill Walker, who is not Susie's father.
  2. The ages of the children from lowest to highest are the 6 year old, Ann, the one found by the teacups, George's son, and Jane's child.
  3. Michael Charming, whose 10-year-old child is the oldest, helped Stan find his daughter, who is a year younger than Ann, by the carousel. Stan's last name isn't Smith.
  4. The boy found at the ferris wheel is younger than John but older than Ann. Mary is older than Susie but younger than Tom.
  5. Sally Jackson didn't find her son at the teacups or the roller coaster. When she looked by the flume, she found Kim's 7-year-old child.
  6. Al and Linda's child, who is 8, is the best friend of Michelle's daughter, who is two years younger.

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