Drop Quotes - Monthly Interactive & Printable

Solving Tips

Drop Quotes are a fairly straight-forward puzzle to solve. Basically, it's just unscrambling the words to form the quote. However, there are a few tricks you can use for easier solving.

To start, look at the word sizes. Are there any single words? Move those letters in first, since they must be either 'A' or 'I'. If both are available, leave it blank until you can determine which it should be.

Next, study the small words, with two or three letters. English has many small words that are commonly used in sentences, such as THE, AS, OF, OR, TO, AND, IS, IN, OUT, ON, AN. There are many commonly used four-letter words to look for too.

Finally, look for letter patterns - double letters, letters such as 'Q' that must have a 'U' next, and 'ING' or 'TION' combinations. Also, just study the letters in the columns above each word, sometimes the right word will jump out at you.

Happy Puzzling!

Last Update
November 12, 2004

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