Drop Quotes - Monthly Interactive & Printable

How to Play

When the interactive drop quote puzzle is solved, a quotation from a famous or not-so-famous person is revealed.

The Object
To reveal the hidden quotation, the letters must be unscrambled and placed into the grid. The letters above each column of the grid are the scrambled letters for that column only.

To Solve
Looking at the grid, you see clear squares and solid squares. Once the puzzle is solved, the message reads horizontally, from left to right, across each row - as if you're reading a book. The clear, or white, squares indicate missing letters in the grid. The solid squares indicate the end of a word or, looking at it another way, the space between two words. Words can wrap around from one row to the next, so the end of a row DOES NOT mean that is the end of a word. ONLY a solid square indicates the end of a word.

Identifying a Cell
By moving your cursor over any of the cells in the grid, the associated vertical rectangles are highlighted in yellow. These highlighted cells identify the letters available for those specific cells.

Filling in the Grid
Click the left mouse button over any letter to highlight that letter. Move the cursor over an empty white square IN THE SAME COLUMN and click again. The highlighted letter will move into the selected square, leaving an outline of the letter in the original cell.
Note that if you highlight a letter and then click in a different column, it will cancel the highlight on the selected letter and the letter will not move.

Moving a Letter within the Grid
If you have entered a letter into the grid, but put it in the wrong column space, it can be moved. Simply click the letter and then click the new cell location. The item will change places. Note that the letter must remain in the same vertical column. In the same manner, you can exchange letters in the same column. If two letters are already placed in the SAME column of the grid and you want to exchange their places, simply click one of the letters to highlight it, then click the other. The letters will be exchanged.

Removing a Letter From the Grid
To remove a letter from the grid, click on the letter you want to remove. Then click on any light letter above the grid, the letter you want removed from the grid will automatically be returned to its initial position.

Clearing the Grid
Clicking the Restart button will move all of the letters out of the grid and back into the columns above the grid.
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Happy Puzzling!


Last Update
November 12, 2004

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