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Dude Ranch Blues - a logic problem
by Shelly Hazard

Jake Bennett, owner of the Circle K dude ranch, had a problem. He had five guests coming next week who all wanted to ride. Unfortunately, he only had four horses available. Each of the guests wanted to spend most of their five day stay riding. And to make matters worse, they preferred riding the same horse all week! After scratching his head almost bald, he finally came up with a plan that allowed each guest to ride on four days and on the same horse for at least two of the days. Using the grid and clues below, determine the full name of each guest, on which days each guest rode (each guest rode on four out of five days), and on which horses (the four horses were ridden every day).

  1. Each horse was ridden by three different people. Brenda, who didn't ride Paint, rode the same horse for three days and a different one on Monday.
  2. On Wednesday, the person whose last name is Wish rode Sunny, Mr. Grant rode Paint, Mary rode Rosie, and Flip was ridden by the person whose last name was Bend.
  3. The horse, Paint, was ridden twice in a row by both Fred, who only rode two horses, and the one who rode Flip on Friday.
  4. Ms. Nash and Stuart each rode Sunny on one day. Tom rode three different horses.
  5. On Tuesday, Brenda didn't ride, Mr. Grant rode Flip, Mary rode on the same horse that she rode for the rest of the week, Stuart Bend rode, and Tom rode Paint.
  6. Brenda, the woman who rode Sunny on Monday, and Mr. Flight all rode Rosie. Mary didn't ride on Thursday.

Use the grids to help solve the puzzle!

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