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Widgets and Gadgets
by Shelly Hazard

Joe worked in the customer service department for Gadget, Inc. In one day, he got five customer complaint calls. Each call was from a different customer and each complaint was on a different product. From the clues, identify the full name of each person Joe talked to, the name of each customer's company, the product each customer owned, and the problem each customer had

1. Bill, who didn't work for Simplicity, didn't call about a missing parts problem.

2. George didn't work for Pine or Simplicity. Jake Bally didn't work for Pine and didn't have a Gizmo.

3. Mr. Tate, who didn't have a Widget, worked at Hi-Tech. One customer called because their Dodge-It was damaged.

4. George Mann didn't work for Telcott but he did have a Fetch-It. Harry called because his product was assembled wrong but it wasn't a Gizmo.

5. The five customers are: the customer with a Gizmo, Tim's company, Telcott, Mr. Sikes' company, and the customer with the product that received with the wrong options.

6. Mr. Heart, who didn't work for Pine, called about the Gadget but it wasn't because it was dead on arrival.

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