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Veterinary Blues
by Shelly Hazard

A busy veterinarian had a full day of appointments with various people and their pets. However, his secretary was having a bad day. The computer crashed and they had to piece together who came in when. Unfortunately, they didnít piece it together very well. Use the following clues to determine the full name of each pet owner, the name of the pet, what kind of pet, and what time their appointment was.

1. Paula doesnít own a dog and didnít make the 1pm appointment. Mr. Baker didnít make an afternoon appointment.

2. The tabby cat isn't named
Buddy or Rascal. Bradís cat isnít a Siamese. Rascal isnít a dog.

3. Mrs. Grant, who made the 3pm appointment, didnít have a pet named Toby, whose appointment wasnít at 9am.

4. Hughís last name isnít Kraff and he didnít make a 4pm appointment. The French Poodle isnít named Fluffy and wasnít due in for the 11am appointment.

5. The owner with the pet named Fluffy had an appointment two hours after the owner with the tabby cat and two hours before Sara and her pet.

6. The order of the appointments is the owner of the golden retriever dog, Ms. Sells and her cat, the owner whose last name is Putnam, the owner of the pet named Clown, and Ned.

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