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School Bus Stop
by Shelly Hazard

Sally and the other four kids on Forest Street all ride the same bus to school. When the bus picks them up, it picks up the kids on the right side of the street, turns around at the end, and then picks up all the kids on the left side of the street. On Monday, each of the kids got on the bus with an extra item besides their bag of schoolbooks. Determine the full name of each kid, the order in which they were picked up, the house number where each kid lived, and the extra item each carried that day.

NOTE: Like most street addresses in the USA, Forest Street has even numbers on one side of the street and odd numbers on the other side.

1. Tom, whose last name wasnít Stone, was picked up before the boy with the trumpet, but after the girl who lives at #6 Forest Street.

2. Sue, who doesnít live at #17, was picked up last. The kid whose last name is Marble didnít carry a hockey stick but was picked up before the bus turned around.

3. Wendy was picked up before the kid with the gym bag but after the boy with the lunch box, whose last name is Granite.

4. The kid at #17 was picked up before the kid whose last name is Rock but after both the kid who lived at #24 and the kid who carried a flute.

5. The bus picked up all the kids in the following order: the girl whose last name is Boulder, Tom, #32, Wendy, and the kid with the gym bag.

6. Rick didnít live at #9 Forest Street. Sallyís last name isnít Granite.

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