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A Room for the Maids
by Shelly Hazard

Five maids were busy cleaning hotel rooms for the next night's guests. Each maid watched TV in the rooms while she worked and each room needed items replaced from the guests who stayed the night before. From the clues, determine the full name of each maid, what kind of TV shows each watched, what item each had to replace, and what room number each cleaned.

1. Betty, who didn't clean room #607, doesn't like the soap operas but did replace the soaps. The maid who liked watching the religious channel replaced the used glasses but she wasn't Mrs. Daley or Patty.

2. Lois, whose last name isn't Holt, cleaned room #622.

3. The maid who replaced the glasses, the maid who watches game shows, and Doris didn't clean on the 6th floor.

4. Each room number, from the lowest to the highest, is represented by the following list: the maid who watches talk shows, Mrs. Locke, Holly, the maid who watches the history channels, the woman who replaced the towels.

5. Mrs. Daley, whose first name is not Lois, didn't replace the toilet paper.

6. Patty's last name is Burns.


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