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New Babies
by Shelly Hazard

The maternity ward at the hospital was a busy place last Saturday. In the course of the day, five babies were delivered to five happy couples. Determine the full name of the parents, the babyís name, and what time each baby was born.

1. Bill, whose last name wasnít Silver, wasnít married to Sara and didnít have a baby girl.

2. Mrs. Windal, who didnít give birth to Alice, delivered her baby first.

3. John Vector wasnít married to Rebecca, who didnít give birth to Michael. Sallyís husband wasnít Wayne. Tom didnít marry Patricia.

4. The Ryans and the couple whose baby was delivered last both had baby boys.

5. Rebecca delivered her baby girl before Sallyís son and Meganís son were born but after Tomís wife delivered Alice and Lucy was born.

6. The five babies were delivered in the following chronological order: Gary, Mr. and Mrs. Pepper, Holly, Sally, William.

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