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Mid-Term Exams
by Shelly Hazard

The first half of the school year is over! Well, almost…as soon as the mid-term exams are over. Jay and four of his friends couldn't wait 'til exams were over. The exam period started on Monday and ended on Friday, with scheduled exams in the morning and in the afternoon. They were a bit worried about some of the exams, and expected to breeze through others. Determine the full name of Jay and his friends, each student's worst and best subject, and when each had his last exam, so vacation could really start!

1. Jay, whose worst subject wasn't Journalism, had his last exam on Friday afternoon. Mike, whose last name isn't Snow, wasn't best at French.

2. The boy, who wasn't good at Latin, had his best result in Chemistry. The boy whose last name was Black finished his last exam on Thursday afternoon. Sam's worst subject wasn't Spanish.

3. Gary, whose last name wasn't Star, finished after the boy who was best at Algebra but before the boys who weren't good at Journalism and Geometry.

4. Carl's last name isn't Wood. The boy whose last name is Frost wasn't best in Chemistry.

5. The boys finished their exams in the following order: the boy who doesn't do well in Economics, Carl, the boy whose best subject is Physics, the boy whose last name is Star, and the boy who was best in History.

6. The boy whose last name is Wood finished his exams first, on Wednesday afternoon. Carl's worst subject was Latin.

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