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Our interactive logic puzzles have two parts; the grid is to help you solve the puzzle and the table is for your final answers.

The Interactive Grid
This grid is provided to help you solve the logic problem. This grid can be used in the traditional method, using dots and x's. For tips on how to use this grid, click on the Solving Tips button or follow the Solving Tips page link found on the main puzzle page.

Identifying a Cell
By moving your cursor over any of the cells in the grid, the associated horizontal and vertical rectangles are highlighted in yellow. These identify the match you are currently checking.

Filling in the Grid
The first click of the left mouse button over any cell of the grid will put an x in the square.
The second click of the same cell puts a red ball in it.
A third click of the same cell clears it.

Suggestions for Filling in the Grid
Fill the cell with an x when you determine that the combination in that cell is false.

Fill the cell with a red ball when you determine that the combination in that cell is true.

Leave the cell blank if you're not sure whether the combination is true or false.

Clearing the Grid
If you have partially filled in the grid and decide you want to start over, click the 'Clear Grid' button. This will remove all the entries, leaving a blank grid.

Table of Results
Use this table to keep track of your answers. When the table is filled in, the puzzle will tell you if you solved it correctly.

Table Lists
Below each column of the table is a list of the variables that may be entered into that column. You cannot enter any variable into any column. Only the items directly underneath the column may be entered into that particular column.

Filling in the Table
To enter items into the table, click the item you want to enter and note that it is now highlighted in yellow. Move your mouse to the cell you want it entered and click the mouse button again. The item will disappear from the list below and is now displayed in that cell you clicked.

Moving Items
If you have entered an item into the table, but put it in the wrong row, it can be moved. Simply click the item and then click the new cell location. The item will change places.

Clear Table
Clicking the Clear Table button will move all of the items out of the table and back into the lists below the table.

Deleting Items
An item cannot be removed once it is placed in the table unless the Clear Table button is clicked.

Solving the Puzzle
Every row of the table makes a complete set of matches according to the clues. When all the rows of the table are completed correctly, a congratulation message is displayed.

Happy Puzzling!

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