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Daily Work
by Shelly Hazard

Five men work in a manufacturing department at Gizmo, Inc. Each commutes to work using a different mode of travel and most work on different shifts (there are three shifts). Each person performs a different job. From the clues, determine each person's full name, how each gets to work, what shift they work, and what their job is.

1. Chris, whose last name isn't Ermine, didn't walk to work. Sam is not a group leader.

2. The man who works on third shift, whose name isn't Rich, doesn't use the bus. Tom, whose last name isn't Harris, bikes to work but he's not a technician.

3. Mr. Falcon, whose first name isn't Sam, comes to work after the assembler but before Peter.

4. Mr. Drake and the person who walks both work on first shift.

5. The group leader comes to work before the man who uses the train. Rich comes to work after Mr. Garret but before the man who uses a car.

6. Sam and the man who uses the bus work on the first shift; Mr. Harris and the tester work on the second shift; the stock clerk works on the third shift.

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