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Company Picnic
by Shelly Hazard

This year, all the employees at Gizmo, Inc participated in the annual company picnic games. The employees were randomly placed on five different teams and competed in five different events. The teams all had a chosen team captain, who selected the team name and color. As it happened, each team won a different event and placed in various others. The overall winning team was the one with the most points scored in the individual events. From the clues, determine the name of each team captain, the team names, the team colors, each team's final place, and the event each team won.

1. The Bears didn't win the volleyball match. The Tigers won the water relay but their team color wasn't blue.

2. The Lions beat the white team but were beaten by both Larry's team and the team that won the sack race.

3. Ann's team wasn't the Panthers. Sharon's team wasn't the team that won the balloon toss and the Bears wasn't her team name.

4. The teams placed, from first to fifth, as follows: the black team, the Wolves, Greg's team, the red team, and the team that won the 100-yard hit.

5. Tom picked green for his team's color. Larry's team didn't win the balloon toss. 

6. The team that won the sack race was in 2nd place and beat, in no particular order, Ann's team, the team that won the volleyball match, and the white team.

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