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Character Favorites
by Shelly Hazard

Alice and four of her friends were talking one night and discovered that each of them had a favorite fairy tale. As the conversation progressed, they also determined that everyone had a favorite comic strip and movie character.†Surprisingly, everybodyís was different. Determine each personís full name, favorite fairy tale, comic strip, and movie character.

1. Sally didn't like Robin Hood and Alice didn't like Garfield. Ms. Chambers liked Family Circus, but didn't like Zorro.

2. The girl who loved Zorro also liked Puss in Boots. Alice admitted that Pinnochio was her favorite and Betty stated that she wasn't fond of Cinderella.

3. The one who loved Puss in Boots wasnít Fran Armstrong or Jane. Jane's favorite wasnít Cinderella. The one who loved Calvin and Hobbes also liked Tarzan. 

4. Each of the five girls are represented by the following: Alice Frost, Sleeping Beauty, Han Solo, the Peanuts, and Sally.

5. Jane didn't like the Prince and the Pauper or Han Solo. Ms. Flowers loved Captain Blood but neither she nor Fran liked Calvin and Hobbes.

6. Ms. Smothers loved Garfield. The one who loved Robin Hood didn't like Cinderella but the one who liked Cinderella liked Dilbert.

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