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Beach Bound
by Shelly Hazard

Last weekend, Jason and four of his friends had their first beach trip of the season. They left their home places at the same time planning to meet at noon, but because of different traffic everyone had a different amount of travel time. Everyone brought different supplies, though towels and swim trunks were on everybodyís list. Determine each personís full name, how long it took each to arrive, and what supplies each brought.

1. Jason brought the cooler and had the longest drive, which was 30 minutes.

2. Steve Laird didnít bring live bait or sodas.

3. Aaron arrived before the man who brought the sandwiches and after the one who brought the ice.

4. Mr. Hart, who didnít bring the volleyball set, only needed to drive for five minutes, which was the shortest drive.

5. The order of arrival is: the one who brought live bait, Mr. Shore, Aaron, the one who brought the volleyball set, Mr. Thorn.

6. Greg, whose last name isnít Mann, didnít bring the Frisbee.

7. Rich, who didn't arrive in 10 minutes, didn't bring sodas.

8. The man who brought the snacks arrived 10 minutes after the one who brought the sun block but 10 minutes before the one who brought the fishing poles.

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