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Ages And New Years
by Shelly Hazard

Five women from around the United States met each New Year's Eve in New York City to join in the festivities, to watch the ball drop in Times Square, and to welcome the New Year with laughter and friendship. This year, a random comment from someone nearby got them to talking about ages and how old each would be both on the New Year and as the year progressed. Determine from the clues the full name of each woman, what city each lived in, how old each would be on the first of the New Year, and how long until each has her next birthday (from two months to eight months).

1. Marsha, who isn't from Chicago, has her next birthday after Kate's but before Ms. Waters.

2. On the first day of the new year, the woman from Houston, who isn't Cindy, will be three years older than Ms. Space but two years younger than Ms. Frost.

3. Ms. Forrest is older than the woman from Chicago but her next birthday is after Abigail's. Sara, whose last name isn't Frost, is the eldest at 35 years old and she has the last birthday to celebrate, 8 months after New Year's day.

4. Ms. Waters, whose first name isn't Abigail, is older than the woman who lives in New York City. The youngest woman, who is 29 years old, will celebrate her next birthday first, in just two months.

5. The woman who lives in Tampa has her next birthday before the woman from Los Angeles but one month after Ms. Fields.

6. The five women are represented, in the order they celebrate their next birthday, as follows: the woman who will be 29 years old, the woman from Houston, Kate, Ms. Frost, and the woman from Los Angeles.

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